Wentworth requires that we complete two cooperative education semesters before graduation. This was a chance to help align the skills that I have built, and use them in a professional work setting.

For my first co-op, during spring 2010, I was an intern at the Christian Science Monitor in Boston. The Christian Science Monitor is an online news organization that’s international and publishes daily, Monday through Friday online, and also publishing a hard copy once a week. I was able to build many skills working for the Monitor. I had to work on projects that I have never done prior to interning there. When working with an online newspaper topics are constantly changing and requiring information that the readers can trust.

My first, and many others was to put together photo galleries. The monitor was provided with paid websites to take photos off and be able to use them to create galleries. I would have to search though and find appropriate pictures and put together a gallery of 10-40 pictures all with captions. This was a challenging task because these galleries would go in articles for multipliers for the website. The more multipliers creates more money for the Monitor. This co-op taught me how to become time-effective. I would only have so little time to create projects such as this one.

Another project that I had a chance to do was blog. My editors would work with me to help put together an article on a topic that was”booming.” They would give me an hour to type it, find pictures, and send it to an editor to be approved for publish. This helped my ability to be able to think strategically.

Click on the following to view some of my work:

10 Most Intriguing Tablets of 2011.
3D Sun Images

For my second co-op, during, fall 2011, I worked for the non-profit organization, The March of Dimes.  At this co-op, I worked with excel, word and data bases to be able to calculate all the donations that we were receiving. I placed a lot of phone calls to raise money or any donations for the organization. Additionally, I worked events and fundraiser as an event planner to run events smoothly and time effectively.


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