Management Information Systems

This course introduced me to various concepts and considerations involved in the education, design, implementation and operation of Management Information Systems. This is an integrative course that brings together information, computers, and the systems approach with todays technology and capabilities.

For my final presentation some classmates and I traveled to EMC to get a tour and see how an Information Corporation works. Below we came up with the following:

EMC Final Paper
EMC Final Presentation 

Some classmates and I traveled to western MA to take a long tour of the company EMC. While on our visit they pulled together a 4 hour presentation including a tour of the company to really show us what EMC was all about. MIS was a tough subject to learn at first because its all technology but after traveling to EMC we got to have a hands on experience as to what information stored really means. The above links are a paper and PowerPoint presentation on the information we learned throughout the project.


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